Chapter 9: Bruno becomes really ill – and Dr. Boin “saves him”

Bruno becomes really ill – and Dr. Boin “saves him”
There was a really scary night in November this year. Mommy-human came home late in the evening and she was, well, sort of nervous when she entered our home. I could tell that she was. She looked around, patted me and looked for Bruno. We didn’t know where he was. He usually takes a nap under the bed, but he wasn’t there or in his favorite kitty-beds. We always welcome her when she comes home, and Bruno wasn’t there.

There were puddles of “throw-up” in the hallway and on the living room carpet. I sniffed them…ick! She cleaned them, and we still looked for Bruno. Then, we heard the moans from the bathroom. Bruno was lying in the bath tub, and crying. Mommy picked him up gently, and put him in the big carrier that was made comfy with a big bath towel.

I was scared. A year ago, our big sister, Cody, was also put into the carrier and Mommy took her away. Cody had advanced kidney disease and was in terrible pain that night. Mommy took her to the emergency Vet clinic way up on Clybourn Avenue. She came home hours later with the carrier, but without Cody. I sniffed inside the carrier that night in November 2017. No Cody… was sad. I knew that she had gone to kitty-heaven. And, Mommy was very sad

So, when Mommy took Bruno away, I started to cry the way that cats do. I mewed, and paced, and waited for hours for Mommy to come home. I missed my little brother already. Meow….I wanted him home! Mommy came home three hours later with Bruno. He was what they call lethargic….not moving much and it looked like he still didn’t feel well. The doctor there had given him two anti-biotic shots, but…well…Bruno didn’t act like Bruno. The next day, she took him to Near North to be seen by Dr. Boin. He asked all kinds of questions, and they finally centered on Bruno maybe having a gastro problem due to “hairballs.” What are hairballs?

Mommy combs us daily with a special kitty comb. She holds it at an angle and the comb never-ever scrapes our skin. I LIKE being combed. I roll over for Mommy so that she can do my tummy and both sides. I’m always looking at the hair-fur that it combs off with kitty surprise. Gee, I shed that much fur? But, Bruno does NOT like being combed, so Mommy does it, but for a shorter period of time.

Dr. Boin concluded that Bruno had hair balls in his tummy and intestine. And, he provided Mommy with a tube of ointment called Laxatone. It comes in flavors. Bruno’s flavor is Tuna. Mommy calls it “tuna goo,” and every day she puts a blob of it on a spoon and Bruno licks it until it’s all gone. I tried it….a big meow! He can have it. I think that it’s icky. He likes it!

In the nearly two months since he went to the emergency clinic, Bruno hasn’t been sick. He lets Mommy comb him every day and he licks his “tuna goo.” Mommy picked up a new tube of it this week. She told Amy that Bruno really likes the stuff. Oh well….I’m happy because my little bro is better and we can play, and eat our munchy-crunchies and take our naps together. Hooray for Dr. Boin!

Mommy-human says that pet-people should always know their doggies’ and kitties’ habits. That way, if a pet-baby is ill, the pet parents can detect it quickly. It’s so important, even if your pets are doggies, kitties, or even bunnies, birds or other pets.

KNOW them….and hug them if they let you do that. We let Mommy-pick us up, rub our tummies, comb us and play with us. OK…we’re the bosses. Your pet-babies are in change, too! Don’t forget that! Bye from Max…that’s me giving Bruno a face-wash.

We’re THE BEST buddies!

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