Chapter 8 – Just Hanging Out and Well, being Cats and Going to the Clinic

Hi everybody! It’s us again, Max Allen (Hi Dr. Henderson! You used to call me Motor! Remember?) and Bruno Peter. We both think that it’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. Mommy has kept the A/C running in the apartment all of the time and she says that it’s frequently been really humid outside. We had to ask her what “humid” means and she explained in kitty language. Ick! We don’t think that we like “humid.” We’re too furry!

Max should tell you about his eye infection. Here goes!

“Well, Mommy cleaned the fur under my right eye about three weeks ago. That was something new for it to be gucky. The next day she put me in the big carrier with the wheels that she had used for Big Peter. So, we went on our way out the back gate to Wells St. It’s only two blocks to the clinic. I was sooo scared. I knew that it meant that I was going to the kitty-doggy clinic. That’s where I lived for a year after I was found on the side of the road as a lost kitten, and then Mommy ‘dopted me.

“We arrived, and I learned from Trish that Dr. Boin would be seeing me and we went into the little room. Mommy put my carrier on the table. I was very scared. But then, Bob came into the room and took me out of the carrier. The whole time that I was there he cuddled me at the end of the table. That was GOOD! Dr. Boin came in, and examined my eye and said that it was an eye infection. Maybe I caught it from Bruno, but he’s never had an eye infection.

“Dr. Boin checked my eye for a possible scratch on the eye…negative. He took my temperature…through my bottom! Ick! And, then he put ointment on my right eye. I did NOT like that, but Bob was still holding me, so I was OK. Dr. Henderson came into the room, too. Can I make up a funny nickname for her, like she did for me? (Oops, Mommy is typing this as I dictate and she just gave me “a look.”) Dr. Boin also weighed me. I’m a tubby boy. Mommy sometimes calls me “Chunky Monkey.” I weigh 14+ pounds. And, then Dr. Boin gave Mommy a tube of the medicine-ointment. And, we left.

“But, Mommy was supposed to put ointment in my eye for three times a day for a lot of days. No…..I did not like that at all. The first day, she did the ointment successfully. The next day, she held me on her lap, and I dug in and jumped away. Oh-oh, I left her right knee with a lot of scratches from my claws. I didn’t mean to do that, but I was afraid. And, I DO NOT LIKE ointment in my eye. Mommy wasn’t angry with me. She knew that I was just afraid. She did put ointment in my eye the next day. It’s all better now. Thanks, Dr. Boin. Thanks, Bob…you whispered to me too, while you cuddled me. I liked that.”

OK, this is Bruno here. “I was worried when Mommy put Max in the carrier and they left the apartment. But, Max came home OK, and he cuddled with me to be secure. We cuddle a lot! And play and steal each other’s toys…and wash each other’s faces. We are best buddies.

You know, I still miss Cody. She really was a “diva girl,” and every now and then I think of her. For a little old lady cat, she could run fast. She was pretty old when she went to Kitty Heaven in November last year; Mommy says Cody was 18 years and 7 months. But, I sleep in Cody’s favorite bed. It’s round and soft and comfy and I take naps there, too. I sleep on the bed, too, by Mommy’s pillow and Max sleeps by her side. Well, you know that we don’t give Mommy a choice. We wait until she’s asleep and then we get on the bed! Is that sneaky?

Mommy went to see the last hour of the Air Show yesterday. (What’s an Air Show?) She told us that she met a BIG bulldog named Theo. Theo is seven years old, and Mommy said that he sniffed her, nudged her hand and licked her hand, too. Bulldogs are very friendly, like to lick people as a means of saying “hi” and are sort of fat from what I’ve learned. Maybe Theo sniffed our scent on her?

OK…bye! Love your fur babies! Like Mommy loves us!

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