Chapter 7 Our Story of Being Brothers…and Missing Cody

Hi everybody! Hi even to you doggy lovers, because our Mommy-Human used to have doggies. Oops, Bruno and I mean “was owned by doggies,” sort of like now…we own her.

It’s so hard to think that our big sister Cody has been in kitty heaven now for more than five months. We do miss her even though she really was a fussy diva-sort. We even think that she would be purring if she knew that Bruno sleeps in both of her kitty-beds. He alternates and sometimes sleeps on a nice chair. But most often, he likes to lie on the Mommy’s pillow when she’s already asleep. He stretches out and goes to sleep leaning against her head. That is dumb! Cody didn’t like it either, because when Bruno did that, he sort of pushed her away from Mommy on the other side of the bed. I like to sleep on the bed too, but I cuddle up against Mommy’s back and if she tries to roll over….Meow!! She says that she’ll never have a BF again unless he likes cats. And, Bruno makes her hairdo look funny in the morning, too, all in different directions or flattened. We think that’s funny! She looks in the mirror and sighs. What’s a BF?
Uh-oh, Bruno is giving me the squinty cat-eye look, so I have to let him “talk.”

Max is such a blabber! On and on…always he has to tell stories. Well, I have a new story. For a month now, Mommy has a new phrase to call us and we think that it’s goofy, because we don’t know what it means. OK, she calls us “boo-boo bugs.” Think about that! What IS a boo-boo bug?
We know that she’s good to us, and gives us munchie-crunchies for an afternoon snack, and throws our toy mice for us to chase, and combs us, and lets us get up on the bed and all kinds of other fun things. But really….boo-boo bug? That’s kitty-embarrassing. Our neighbor Joan heard that and laughed. She laughed at us? We’re so cool….maybe she laughed at Mommy? We don’t know. I guess that we’ll be boo-boo bugs until she thinks of something else to call us.
Anyway, we look out of the big windows and see the snow, and hear the wind whizzing up and down the building. It makes us happy that we’re indoor kitties; we’re safe and warm and cozy. We can look down at the ground and watch the doggies taking their humans for walks. We are so glad that we have a litter box. We don’t want to go outside.

We get to sneak into the closets (Mommy does NOT like that…), and nap under the bed, and steal each other’s toys. Max (…oh be quiet, Max!) likes to play with the shoe laces on Mommy’s sneakers. He gets them all tangled and chews on them. Meow…wet laces! That’s gross, even to a boo-boo bug – I mean cat.

Soon the window washers will be here. We watched out of the windows last year and saw the man dangle as he lowered himself down the outside of the building. It was scary! I couldn’t do that. My biggest dangling is before I jump off the bed and that’s only a two foot drop.

Max and I have been brothers now since February of 2014. That’s more than four years. It was after Peter Timothy went to kitty heaven and Mommy adopted me. I’m named after him…Bruno Peter. Max and I are really best buddies. We do lots together and it’s nice.

OK, my turn again!! Yes, Bruno and I are best buddies. Mommy used to have an upstairs neighbor who liked to “borrow” Peter. He would come downstairs, as Mommy says, get Peter and take him upstairs. Peter would roam the kitchen, get handouts, explore the closet and then take a nap on Lahsen’s bed. When Peter woke up and was bored, he would sit in front of Lahsen’s door and then Lahsen would bring him downstairs to Mommy’s apartment. When I was ‘dopted, Peter was my big “bro.” I was a bratty kitten and he was tolerant.

Now, Lahsen may move and Mommy tells him about the wonderful (and so sad to be homeless…) cats and kitties at Paws, and Anti-Cruelty and Tree House. She even spotted a pair of bonded big orange tabby-boys (like Bruno!) that she thinks he should ‘dopt. He says that he’s not ready yet. Oh well…he needs a couple of cats. That’s our opinion!

Where we live, we have a front desk at the main door and there’s always a security guard. One is a nice lady named Karen and she has grandchildren who are 5 and 7 years old. They have our stories going back to Chapter 1, when I was ‘dopted. They have our pictures stuck on their refrigerators and they know our names and our stories. Does that mean that we’re famous?

No Max…we’re not famous. It’s just that Karen likes kitties and so do her grandchildren. Here we are again. Bye….oh, that’s me, Bruno, in one of Cody’s beds. Purr…so comfy! Max, he just stretches out on a big chair and zonks out for hours.

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