Chapter 5 Our Story

“Cody’s Illness, Birthday, Recovery and More Play-time”
It was really scary about six weeks ago. Cody, the “diva” cat, was very sick. She was straining in the kitty litter box and it seemed like she was in pain. She moaned if she was picked up, even very gently, by Mommy. She seemed to be skinnier, too. Even though we (Max and Bruno) can be bratty to her, we watched carefully.

Mommy took her quickly to the kitty/doggy hospital the same day. Cody was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in her digestive system. What’s that? We watched as Mommy sprinkled the powdered medicine on Cody’s food, so that she would get better. Now, that wasn’t always yummy and Mommy added “special food,” like pieces of sardines, to Cody’s food. Otherwise, Cody wouldn’t eat. But, in about three days, Cody was better and was okay in using the litter box. Cody also has a hyperactive thyroid (meow, what’s that?), so she has a transdermal salve applied in her ear twice a day. She’s really patient about its application and doesn’t even complain! Little by little, she’s slowly gained some weight and her backbone doesn’t feel all “boney.” Mommy made us promise to not eat Cody’s special urinary tract support food either. Meow, is this what happens when a kitty gets old?

But, Cody is better now and back to her little old lady cat diva behavior. Let’s hear it from her!

Meow! I had my 18th birthday on April 18th, so I guess that makes me around 90 in people age. I had sardines as a treat, and a new squeaky toy (stolen by Bruno) and a new cozy bed (stolen by Max) and lots of pats from Mommy. She told us that I was sooo cute as a kitten and while I was growing up. Mommy adopted me when I was three months old. My first big sister looked just like me; black, soft, sleek and she had yellow eyes and mine are green. Sheba died, and my second big sister was Dinah. She was a tuxedo cat, like my younger brother Max. Then, I got a big brother, ‘cuz he was a BIG Norwegian Forest Cat. He was my BFF and washed my face for me every morning. I miss the three of them, and wow, keeping an eye out for Max and Bruno can be really annoying. They’re such little dopes! They run around the apartment, they wrestle, they wash each other’s faces and they just act….well, dopey. I suppose it’s because they’re not yet six years old, but I really think it’s because they’re little boy cats. Girl cats are much smarter!

Meow – this is me, Max, meowing now! This morning, Bruno was curled up on the bed. Mommy didn’t know it, but I crawled under the covers and stretched out and took a nice nap. Then, I could hear her calling “Max, Max…where are you?” I didn’t move or meow, but she saw the bump in the covers. She was surprised when she pulled back the covers to make the bed! I closed my eyes and pretended to go back to sleep. That didn’t work and she gently put me into the new kitty bed. Sometimes I like to be inside it, because it’s cozy with a “curved roof,” but today I crawled on top of it and went back to sleep that way. Bruno went to be in the sun and Cody didn’t even wake up in her old-lady kitty bed.

Today Cody has to go to NNAH and have her monthly mani-pedi. Mommy clips my nails, and Bruno’s, and we don’t complain. It doesn’t hurt and it keeps our nails from getting caught in the carpet. Cody? Wow, she carries on like she’s losing a leg! Meow, hiss, growl, bite! She’s whiney the moment that Mommy puts her in the carrier. At NNAH, it takes either Dr. Boin or Dr. Henderson and one of the Vet Techs and Mommy looking on. Meow…what a wuss! OK, Mommy just said that I shouldn’t call my older sister a “wuss.” (Yeah, but she is a wuss.)

It’s me, Bruno! I just came out from under the bed, where I like to nap on the comforter storage bag. Remember when I said that it was squishy? “Squishy” is still good and it’s a good place to nap. Sometimes, Max peeks under the bed, too, and he sleeps on the other storage bag. Cody can’t find us, then because she never checks under the bed.

So, Max and I still think that life is good. Being ‘dopted is very good, especially when your human really likes cats. It’s so much better than being in a shelter and not knowing about your future. We have toys, and crunchy-munchies as a treat, and pretty good canned food, big chairs, squeaky mice to play with, and a big sister to annoy. OK, we won’t annoy her. Honest….bye for now! There are some more photos, too. And, don’t forget to adopt a fur baby!

Max’s fierce look

Max on the Bed

The Little Boy Cats

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