Chapter 4 in Our Adventure

“What Cats Like to Do”

Hi all, it’s us again! Max (me!) and Bruno (me, too!) and Cody (well, I’m listening…sort of). We got together – imagine that – and decided to tell you Humans what cats like to do. Of course, if you have a fur-baby who is a cat, you pretty much know what we like. But, sometimes we’re really creative and we like to do goofy things. Sometimes our Mommy looks at us and laughs and seems to think that (her words) we have “lost it.” Hey! We’re just cats being happy cats. And, when you have a home and neat toys, and yummy food and are always safe, you really get to be happy, chatty cats. Don’t forget that she speaks “cat” and we understand “people-talk.”

Just look at our first photos of what we like to do. Relax! Nap! Lie in the sun! Play with the cardboard scratchy toy! Now, that’s Bruno and me in the sun and Cody in her bed. In the morning, Bruno and I lie in the sun behind the big chairs near the tall windows. We have TWO scratchy toys, but sometimes Mommy takes the long one and puts it away for a bit. That’s because rather than just scratching on it, we really like to chew off the edges. This one has blue edges, and Mommy ends up picking up lots of little blue chewed-off pieces. She is not happy about that and they clog her carpet sweeper. So, she puts it out of our reach for a while. But, being in the sun, and stretched out and relaxing, is so nice after breakfast. We fall asleep, too. When we wake up, we wash each other’s faces and we purr a lot. Then, we check our food bowls.

Now Cody, our diva-of-a-sister, prefers to nap in her favorite kitty bed. She’s usually hanging out of it somehow and we think that she should just curl up in it completely. You just can’t tell a little old lady cat what to do. She should use her bed, like Peter used to do. He wasn’t ever hanging out of the bed. I miss Peter. He was nice to me and he was my big brother.

What else do we do? OK, I (Bruno) like to lie in the hallway on the rug and grab the Mommy’s feet when she walks by me. Lots of times, I don’t get up and walk on my paws; I just use my kitty-claws to pull myself along the rug….that’s fun. Mommy says, “No!” I guess that I shouldn’t be caught doing that. I love to crawl under the bed and on top of one of the comforter storage bags. They’re squishy under me and I can take a long nap. Squishy is good! I like to lie on top of the covered laundry basket and look out of the window.

There are just too many little yappy dogs out there by the building. They never keep quiet and they’re always barking about something or other. Why don’t they just say “woof” to each other quietly and sniff noses and play? In the evening, I like to have Max wash my face and then we wrestle. I’m taller and longer than he is, so I usually win. Max is not a good loser. He pouts and goes under the low table. And, chasing Cody when she’s not expecting it is sooo much fun. She whines and runs to Mommy. And, I’m so excited because I was “kittycertified” by the city as a greeting-helper (‘cuz I’m so friendly) for our lead Engineer. Inspection is because, well, I’m nosy. I’m so proud, and Mr. Dan, the Building Engineer, likes me! See my certification?



Certification awarded to Bruno Peter

For his dual-recognized support as:

“Resident Greeter” for Maintenance Visits

“Maintenance Helper” for inspection of tools for the maintenance member’s visit and

Reporting to Mr. Dan at the Apartments

OK, I (it’s me, Max) like to play in my crinkly tunnel. And, I am a good loser! Bruno cheats, that’s all. He brags, too! My tunnel makes noise and when you’re in it, you can peek out through the mesh or you can make it roll over. But, that kind of makes me dizzy, even though it’s fun. I have two little squeaky mice. I used to have three, but I hid one and don’t remember where I put it. That was “Owen,” but I still have “Frank” and “George.” I curl up with them beside me on the big chair and if I move them, they squeak! Sometimes, if I’m napping, Mommy puts them on top of my body, as if I don’t know what she’s doing! I open my eyes, stare at her, and yawn, and go back to sleep. She goes back to working on her computer….it must be boring to be human. I like to pull kibbles out of my bowl and hit them around the kitchen floor, but then I act all innocent when Mommy looks. Who, me? I didn’t do anything.

Wow, I am the only one who is not a trouble maker or a fibberYes, me…Cody! I’m almost 18 years old. My little brothers are just such dopes that it’s unbelievable. I wasn’t that nutty when I was a young cat, even though Mommy says that I was a NAUGHTY, naughty kitten. That was a long time ago; she should forget those years. Now, I like to lie on top of the laundry basket (move! Bruno) and take lots of naps and watch Mommy use her laptop. I’m smart, so maybe I can learn to use it, but my toes aren’t long enough, I guess. So, I just hang out at the end of the big bed and watch. There’s a scratchy toy in the bedroom and Mommy puts catnip on it. I zone out and fall asleep. I love my little bowl of milk and I don’t let Bruno and Max have any of it. I scrunch up my face and make “go away” noises at them. I love to lie on the Mommy’s lap, and she gives me ear mushies and long pats on my back and talks to me. She buys special kibbles for me! They’re soft and the boys get crunchy ones. I learned to get what I want, too. I just sort of meow (people call it being whiney) and the Mommy gives me what I want – more food, more milk and special toys. You see, being “experienced” and “wise” and older have advantages. I think that I’ll live until at least 20, because I can still run really fast, and I eat well, and I get my sleep.

Byeeee….. Oh! Please adopt a fur-baby, even if it’s a doggy. All of us need homes!

Lazy Cody​​​​​​​

Max on Chair with Mice

Lazy Kitty Boys

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